Company Profile

Successfully running operations with the planned approaches, we, Refcast Corporation, a Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India) based company, which is setting benchmarks of growth in the market. The reputed company works with passion with support of its appointed multi-talented workers to deliver reliable equipment, components and Refractory Elements, material for iron, steel, Copper, Aluminum & Zinc foundries. Be it by the products or practices, we delight our respected customers in all the means. Further, we have big plans of business expansion and for the same, a specific branch office is maintained by us. From that office, we are successfully fulfilling the requirements of the customers and also executing several tasks without any troubles.

Products Offered:-

Refcast Corporation is the name of discussion in the market for the quality products it serves, such as:

  • Castables
    • Castables For Induction Furnace
    • Castables For Ladle (Pouring & Treatment)
    • Castables For Channel Furnace
    • Castables For Auto Pour
    • Castables For Press Pour
  • Fire Resistant Lining
    • Fire Resistant Lining For Melting
    • Fire Resistant Lining For Holding
    • Fire Resistant Lining For Pouring
    • Fire Resistant Lining For Transport
  • Insulation Sheet
  • Neutral Ramming Mass
  • DORIT Prefabricated Crucibles
  • Pre-Cast Ladle
  • Crucible Lifting Device
  • Vibrators
    • Pneumatic Lining Vibrator
    • Compressed Air Vibrator
    • Bucket Hand Mixer
    • Ball Vibrator
    • Electrical Immersion Vibrator
    • Automatic Vibrator
    • Back Up Mix Vibrator
  • Refractory Materials
    • Refractory Products
    • Ramming Mass
    • Refractory Elements
    • Monolithic Refractory Materials
  • Lining Tools
  • Mica For Coil Protection

We can also make available products like:

  • Coreless Induction Furnaces for Iron, Steel, Copper, Aluminum & Zinc Foundries
  • Holding and Pouring Furnaces, Inductors for Iron Foundry
  • Ladles, Receiver, Converter for Iron, Steel, Copper, Aluminum & Zinc Foundries
  • Cupolas, Rotary Furnaces for Iron Foundry
  • Prefabricated / Pre-Cast Ladle & crucible furnaces for coreless induction furnaces
  • Lining equipment for optimal processing
    • Vibrators for the side wall
    • Two-arm/Three-arm Automatic Vibrators (also including lifting device)
    • Vibrating Plates for the Floor
    • Compressed Air/Electro-Vibrators
    • Backfilling Compound Compressors
    • Crucible Lifting Device
    • Compulsory Mixers

Key Facts:-

Business Type

Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer and Supplier

Year of Establishment


No. of Employees


Company Branches


Warehousing Facility


Importers/ Exporters Code


Import Market

Germany and China

Annual Turnover

INR 4 Crore


Oriental Bank of Commerce / HDFC Bank

Company Registration No.


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